Chris Kilcullen Memorial Ride

  Last Sunday in July!

Thank you to all our riders, sponsors, donors and supporters for coming out help us carry on Chris' legacy! 

If you have pictures or videos of the ride, we'd love to see them!  Please share them with us on Facebook, tag us or email them to us at [email protected]

If you registered late and didn't get your shirts, we are working on sorting out what leftover shirts we have, ordering more to make up the difference and will either hand deliver or ship them to you!  Give us some time to work through this as we all have families, work full-time and are doing this in our "spare time..." 

2015 Sponsors

Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen, a 12 year veteran was tragically gunned down as he pursued and stopped a speeding vehicle in Springfield Oregon on April 22, 2011. Chris, a devoted family man, leaves behind a wife and 2 daughters. His assailant, 56 year old Cheryl Kidd, surrendered to police after a pursuit and standoff with Springfield Police, Eugene Police, Lane County Sheriff's Office and the Oregon State Police.   She was charged with Chris' murder but was found mentally unfit for trial and remains in a mental health care facility  in Pendleton, Oregon. 

After Chris' murder, family and friends sought out to carry on his legacy of helping the community.  The Chris Kilcullen Memorial Ride was just one such event that helped fully fund the Chris Kilcullen Memorial Scholarship.  Now, the ride supports the Kilcullen Project, a 501(c)3 organization that spreads seeds of goodwill in the community.  Just like Chris did. 

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